National Kale Day Grows From Grassroots Effort

New York, NY—As a versatile superfood, kale continues to make starring appearances on menus, farmers markets and retail shelves and now a grassroots effort has put the spotlight on kale for a national day all its own. October 1, 2014 marks the second annual National Kale Day creating an ongoing dialogue about this healthy, brain-boosting green.

It all began with kale ambassadors Drew Ramsey, M.D. and Chef Jennifer Iserloh, authors of the not R-rated, but equally sexy book 50 Shades of Kale, who brought together consumers, chefs, nutritionists, doctors and farmers to help launch National Kale Day in 2013.  Thanks to the efforts of a few to connect the masses , millions of connections, impressions and servings were of kale were made in a single day around the globe.

When asked why kale, Dr. Ramsey, a psychiatrist by trade remarked, “I treat the whole person and believe that food impacts how we feel.  As I studied the nutritional value of foods I continued to be impressed by the superfood power of this leafy green and wanted consumers to see beyond the trend to the lifestyle value of kale.”

It’s no coincidence that Ramsey & Iserloh took advantage of the kale phenomenon in media and pop culture to write a book filled with facts and recipes. Helping to drive the conversation about healthy eating, they see a movement that celebrates kale.  Iserloh commented, “Culture and media is one of the best ways to introduce consumers to a new food and remove the fear factor.  As a chef, I can prepare delicious dishes, but having the trends drive consumer awareness fuels trial.”

In fact, the kale trend is so big, that sources report that kale sales are up 20-30% and some media outlets recently suggested there might be a kale shortage.  Regardless of the truth of a kale shortage, National Kale Day 1.0 generated millions of impressions by providing tools to consumers and influencers, live Google Hangouts with dozens of national experts, and a huge kale party in downtown New York City. National Kale Day 2.0 has even bigger plans including online events, national media, retail promotions and school events that will include offering a citrus kale salad to the 1.1 million students in all New York City public schools. In fact kale ambassadors have already logged commitments to promote kale in all 50 states and 10 countries on National Kale Day. 

Melinda Goodman, Managing Partner of Full Tilt Marketing and produce industry advocate noted, “Grassroots influencers are an important part of the success of National Kale Day and every movement that promotes increased consumption of fruits and vegetables. But the kale growers and brands of the world are the first step in advocacy and we are excited to be working on opportunities to work together to raise awareness for this special superfood.”

Because of the success of the first year event, National Kale Day has created sponsorship packages for kale growers and supporting brands to get involved and spread the kale love to consumers around the world. To become a sponsor or learn more, contact Melinda Goodman at 414-967-5755 or email

To learn more about National Kale Day visit

National Kale Day is a public event of grassroots volunteers established for the celebration and promotion of the health benefits and culinary versatility of kale.

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Source: Full Tilt Marketing