Light and Easy Pear-Strawberry Trifle

This fruit laden dessert is easy to put together and can be made in minutes. It’s a beautifully mouth watering presentation and qualifies as an ode to spring in any one’s cookbook. USA pears are available through the spring, making it a perfect accompaniment to strawberries, tangy pineapple and fluffy angel food cake.


2 pared, cored, and thinly sliced Anjou or Bosc USA pears 
2 tablespoons lemon juice 
2 cups coarsely chopped strawberries 
2 tablespoons almond-flavored liqueur, optional* 
2 tablespoons orange juice 
2 tablespoons honey 
½ 9 inch angel food cake, cut to 1-inch cubes 
3 cups vanilla or lemon flavored yogurt 
1 cup diced fresh or canned pineapple, drained

Garnish: pear slices and mint sprigs 


Toss pears in lemon juice and strawberries in liqueur. Combine orange juice and honey, mix well. Layer a deep 2 to 2½-quart glass bowl in the following order: 1/3 of cake sprinkled with 1 tablespoon orange juice mixture, 1 cup yogurt, 1 cup pear slices, 1 cup strawberries, and ½ cup pineapple; repeat. Layer remaining cake, sprinkle with remaining orange juice mixture and spread 1 cup yogurt over the top. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 1 to 4 hours before serving. Garnish with pear slices and mint just before serving. 

Other Info

One-half teaspoon almond extract may be substituted.



Pear Salmon Salad with Lemon Dressing

Northwest Pears pair fabulously with another favorite of the Northwest... salmon. Fresh sliced tomatoes, mushrooms and cucumbers served with Lemon Dressing round out this appetizing salad; a good choice for light meals. 


2 cans (7-3/4 oz. each) salmon, drained and chunked 
2 fresh Northwest Pears, any variety, cored and sliced into eighths 
2 tomatoes, sliced 
1 cup sliced mushrooms 
1 cucumber, pared and cubed 
Lemon Wedges (optional) 
Lemon Dressing


Arrange salmon, pears, tomatoes, mushrooms and cucumber on lettuce-lined plates. Garnish with lemon wedges. Serve with Lemon Dressing. 

Lemon Dressing 
Combine 3 tablespoons each oil and lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/8 teaspoon pepper. Makes about 1/3 cup.


Pear Bear Starter


1 medium USA pear, cored and diced 
1/2 cup low fat fruit-flavored yogurt 
2 to 3 tablespoons granola


Stir diced pear into yogurt. Serve in small bowl with granola over top.